Thank you for the opportunity to introduce you to Christy & Main, Inc. The management has a combined experience of over 65 years producing and distributing uniforms and corporate apparel.

Over 75% of our inventory is custom designs, developed for grocery chains, convenience stores, and quick service restaurants. In addition, we have in stock polo shirts, polar fleece jackets, casual woven twill shirts and pinpoint oxford shirts that we offer to our customers.

Almost all of our products are imported and we have established a group of high quality manufacturers in several countries, including Pakistan, China, Bangladesh and the Caribbean. The best costs are obtained when we can create a complete turnkey package, ready for distribution when it arrives in our warehouse. This requires a Letter of Agreement that specifies the minimum/maximum inventory levels, product description and cost. The agreement may be cancelled by either party with a 30 day notice and a 90 day period to ship any remaining inventory up to the maximum specified in the letter if the product meets the quality standards established by both parties. We offer the ability to cancel the agreement as it is our belief that we do not deserve our customers business if we are not fulfilling their service and quality requirements.

We offer on line direct order entry for all of our accounts at no additional cost. This gives your business real time access to our inventory and allows them to place orders and receive an email confirmation. Working with United Parcel Systems and the United States Postal Service, we have on line tracking of all shipments so our customers can see the when their orders will be delivered.

Give us the opportunity to meet with you and we will demonstrate that we understand your needs and requirements.


Susan E. Salzano